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What is Ajax, and why is it useful?

In fact, you can use Ajax to develop Web applications that behave and respond just like desktop applications. In this course, you'll learn each of the technologies that Ajax is composed of. We'll spend several lessons digging into JavaScript, a programming language essential to Ajax. Together, these technologies are what give Ajax its power.

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Along with every lesson is a project application that we'll create together. Each application will give you hands-on practice with the technologies you'll be learning. By the time the course is finished, you'll be able to create your own Ajax applications to give your Web site faster and more streamlined functionality. Also, since Ajax skills are highly prized, you will be in a great position to begin a new career as an Ajax programmer.

Fayetteville Technical Community College FTCC offers eight-week online courses that provide education and training in a variety of occupational areas! The courses are designed by a team of professionals from each respective field who work to provide you with an effective web-based learning experience.

Ajax Programming for the Absolute Beginner

Prior to your course start date, you will receive a reminder e-mail that includes instructions on how to access the classroom website. Courses are hosted on ed2go's learning management system LMS. This simply means another website hosting resources e.

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  • What is Ajax, and why is it useful?.

Because of its popularity, Google, Microsoft and also jQuery itself host it on their servers around the world. There are a couple of benefits. What this means for you is that you no longer have to download the jQuery file and add it to your folder but only have to add a link on your page to the CDN you want to use e.

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But the flip side is that you and your visitors need to have an Internet connection for it to work. Also called Minified and Unminified. Usually when hosting your website you want all your files to be as small as possible so that your website will load quickly. What a compressed or minified jQuery file is, is a jQuery file which has been made as very small in bytes.

This is achieved by removing all spaces and comments between codes making it almost impossible to read. That was what we saw on the webpage when we clicked the download link in the last lesson. A compressed file is usually referred to as Production-ready.

Take a look at the jquery. It is a compressed file. An uncompressed jQuery file is one that has a lot of white space e. As a result they usually end up being quite large. Because it is meant for the developer to go through, it is referred to as the development version.

What is AJAX and How it Works - Short Explanation - Tutorial for Beginners

So it should only be used during the development phase of your website if ever. If you are not going to study it for educational purposes and as a beginner you most likely wont , you do not ever need to use the uncompressed jQuery file. What it does is that it waits until the HTML of your page loads before running your code.

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  6. A lot of what you want to do with JavaScript is to manipulate the contents of your webpage e. Remember that the html has to be first downloaded and this might take a while depending on some factors. Also when a browser encounters any JavaScript code, it stops everything else and runs it. When you save and refresh, your code actually works. But this is very bad practice.