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Seriously, Rowan has a pea for a brain, and a dick partying in whore land. Now going to our damsel, another important character, Kira. Well she is just another piece of crap. All she says is destiny this and destiny that and destiny some more. The author should have named her Destiny instead if she is so obsessed about it.

Well, she is destined to be married to a pea brained man and fight sluts and whores for his dick. Very cool. She is just a typical fantasy flick damsel, complete with healing ability, hostility from her peers and a dead mother.

It would have been a great bore if the book just focuses on her. That is probably also why the POV of the book is a mess. And all those other characters: Kira's father he disappeared, leaving his family for some reason , Kira's mother oh she died so long ago for some reason , her friend Jami he loved Kira but he can't have Kira because of 'destiny' , Rowan's friend Angus an accessory for Rowan, our hero needs to have a sidekick right?

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Hmmm, what was more there to say? As for the story. Who cares? A nuclear bomb could blow them to pieces for all I care. That is where it belongs. May 24, Brenda Weaver rated it really liked it. She recognizes him as the protector of her people, hides him and takes In the mists of the dark forest of Muir, Rowan of Locks Glen stumbles into a trap.

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I loved writing this story Ancestors of Fire should be out by the end of the year! Keep your fingers crossed! Oct 11, Nancy rated it liked it Shelves: paranormal-fantasy , shifters-wolves , mixed-shifter-vampire-fantasy-other , historical , shifter-other , virgin , pregnancy. A little frustrating with some repetition in the beginning and also some inconsistencies. It's also a bit of a slow read. Not bad and this is the second time I've read it but I'm not sure that I will ever read it again. Mar 02, RNDK rated it it was ok. If you're expecting a man to shift into a Dragon then look elsewhere.

Dreaming rated it it was amazing Oct 11, Carlos rated it really liked it Aug 29, Michelle Chelle's Book Ramblings rated it really liked it Jun 18, Selma rated it really liked it Dec 11, Poppy rated it liked it Sep 15, David Powell II rated it really liked it Oct 11, Gui rated it really liked it Jul 28, Rosver rated it did not like it Sep 15, It obviously crystallizes the pressures of Islamic cultural domination and the political and ideological instrumentalization of this domination by local political leaders anxious to enhance their own prestige by deflecting a few feeble rays of exogenous power onto their own persons and power, thereby aiding and augmenting the implantating of foreign cultural values to the detriment of ancestral ones and further obscuring the history of their own African people.

Indeed, the retention of ancestral religious values does not prevent the impact of Islamic values on the palimpsestic reinvention of foundation narratives. Finally, Western instruments for the diffusion of knowledge, like the Encyplopaedia Britannica and the fact of Muslim and other Africans buying into reworked foundation narratives, aimed at demonstrating the superiority of Islamic culture over African culture, as demonstrated in the Bayagidda myth, concur at their various levels in advancing the same cause: the symbolic annihilation of African roots on the continent itself by denying Africans the right to descend from their own ancestors, with offering them the dubious prestige of forgetting their own history, of replacing their own founding fathers and mothers by those of peoples and cultures that dominated then in the past and still dominate them today.

This is what the second part of this discussion will attempt to ascertain. They can only be properly understood in the joint context of African traditional religion, colonial violence and local socio-economic and political crises. The hawka cult is a particularly good example of this complexity and of the heuristic discrepancies the study of spiritual phenomena is bound to produce. As far as possible, it is best to leave their quarrels to specialists.

What is proposed here instead is to provide: a a brief outline of the history of the cult and of the context in which it arose and developed; b a cursory description of ritual and pantheon; c a few insights into the spiritual and cultural negotiation of colonial violence and Western-impacted African metropolises.

Both are sometimes perceived as a particular expression of African traditional religion and its outgrowths, assimilatable to the bori or holley cults see Olivier de Sardan, The context of emergence was a series of socio-economic and political predicaments including local razzias led by adventurers, colonial violence of the Voulet and Chanoine column, jihad, famine and the violence and rupture born of the imposition of a system that was rigid and incomprehensible, especially to peoples of the Hausa fringes like the Mawri but also the Sudie who lived in acephalic clanic societies observing ancestral religion.

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To them the imposition of an artificial and abusive chieftaincy was particularly odious, especially to the Sudie who did not practice the uneasy Mawri compromise of power sharing between spiritual authority on the one hand and political authority on the other Piault, 51,57,60, , , It was perceived as more than just religious by the French at the time and by certain scholars today.

The cult moved to the Ivory Coast on the wings of out-migration of adepts and deported priests where it tackled other challenges and assumed new meanings. It highlights the presence of the West as well as aspects of the appropriation and interpretation on Western presence on African soil. This is the region of the people of Lougou and Bagagi, known for their attachment to ancestral religion. This parenthesis, as we will see, is important for the coherence of the present discussion.

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The latter became more and more numerous as time went on. They were over eighty of them in the s 7. While military and administrative powers, manned by Europeans, French in this case, and their indigenous auxiliaries are massively present, the identity of the deities also pinpoint rupture and change in the local society. The colonial power structure and new order of domination incorporates formerly unknown professions with strange rituals, manipulating unheard-of techniques.

It introduces and imposes new local power configurations, stake-laden alliances and hybrids. It is also interesting to observe the way in which the hawka cults coalesces and references two forms of foreign domination. Istamboula, the chief of the pantheon is a spirit from the East, which Stoller : chapter 8 considers being syncretically associated with Bilal, the black confidante of the prophet Mohamed, and with Dongo, the West African deity of thunder.

Nonetheless, the deity is, Stoller maintains, himself associated with the powerful colonial military and administrative personnel and their ruthless burning, killing, plundering, punishment and exploitation of Africans on the continent. These perspectives are, of course, not mutually exclusive. Together, they bear witness to the presence of intercultural and intertextual characteristics within this religious manifestation.

Nevertheless, the second hawka movement, filmed and described by Jean Rouch, provides many pertinent elements for this discussion. The whip is made of leather of a special origin: the skin of a cobra or of a sea cow, decorated with strips of other leather and with cowry shells.

Participants in trance speak in pidginised French or English and transgress social alimentary rules by sacrificing a dog, licking its blood and boiling and eating its meat. The repercussions of this experience is exemplified in the migration, proletarization and lumpen-proletarization of Sahelian males who find themselves in a new geographical, social and cultural environment, subjected to new economic rules of production and survival outside the bonds of the home community that formerly ordered and nurtured their existence.

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Taboos too are broken. The whip, the gun, the whistle synecdochically evoke the violence of the colonizer and of colonial rule. Wooden rifles are indispensable ceremonial props. Some bark rules while other jump to attention, stiffen their bodies, or crawl on the ground in a mime of tactical training. The demeanor of the bodies of the adepts is a grotesque parody of the military march. This is not mere imitation. Mockery encounters the serious intention of mastery of dangerous and extraordinary phenomena through embodiment, spiritual catharsis and neutralization.

Moreover, adepts are possessed by deities who have some relation to their lives in terms of similarity or opposition, and they become associated with these deities in as well as out of trance. The social ramifications of the cult exist beyond the ritual which becomes a complex intercultural space and makes the social spaces of the adepts to be just the same through bodily deportment, language and other meaningful mime.

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Manage episode series By Christina Pratt and Christina L. Discovered by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio is streamed directly from their servers. We all have ancestors. They are with us in our blood. We do not all have traditions that guide us in dealing with our ancestors. Some ancestors are true helping spirits. These ancestors bring us medicine, protection and belonging if we know how to let them.

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  • Some ancestors are deeply unwell, carrying the open wounds, personal and cultural, of history unreconciled. Nonetheless, they are both moving in our lives and, depending on how we choose to relate to them, they either bring us harm or bring us blessings. Join host and shaman, Christina Pratt, this week as we explore where to begin with your ancestors, why to begin, and most importantly how to cultivate right relationship with your ancestors to create good, true, and beautiful helping spirits. Welcome to Player FM! Take it with you.