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Enhancing Sustainability of Natural Gas Extraction Via Technological Innovations in Wastewater Management New developing technologies and integrated systems could dramatically reduce the amount of water needed in the natural gas extraction process. Argonne Joins New Research Center Led by University of Illinois System The new research center will accelerate the groundbreaking innovation that drives progress and economic growth.

Science Highlights. Microbes are Metabolic Specialists Learn More. Location, Location, Location… How charge placement can control a self-assembled structure. Novel use of nanostructured alumina as an insecticide. Abdullayev E, Lvov Y. Halloysite clay nanotubes for controlled release of protective agents. J Nanosci Nanotechnol. Murphy K, editor. United States patent US A1. Aug 29, Silicon nanocarrier for delivery of drug, pesticides and herbicides, and for waste water treatment.

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Synthesis of phenoxyherbicides-intercalated layered double hydroxide nanohybrids and their controlled release property. Curr Nanosci. Synthesis and characterization of [4- 2,4-dichlorophenoxybutyrate -zinc layered hydroxide] nanohybrid. Solid State Sciences.

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Herbicide-intercalated zinc layered hydroxide nanohybrid for a dual-guest controlled release formulation. Int J Mol Sci. Journal of Kerbala University. Synthesis of 4- chlorophenoxyacetate-zinc-aluminium-layered double hydroxide nanocomposite: physico-chemical and controlled release properties.

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Sci Tech Adv Mater. Nanoscale Res Lett. Kanimozhi V, Chinnamuthu CR. Research Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. Artemisia arborescens L. Artemisia arborescens L essential oil-loaded solid lipid nanoparticles for potential agricultural application: preparation and characterization. Can nanotechnology provide the innovations for a second green revolution in Indian agriculture?

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Fungus-mediated synthesis of silver nanoparticles and their activity against pathogenic fungi in combination with fluconazole. Fulekar MH. Nanotechnology in agriculture and food industry. In: Fulekar MH, editor. Nanotechnology: Importance and Applications. New Delhi, India: I. International Publishing House Pvt Ltd; pp. Soni N, Prakash S.

Efficacy of fungus mediated silver and gold nanoparticles against Aedes aegypti larvae.

Nanotechnology in agri-food production: an overview

Rao KJ, Paria S. Use of sulfur nanoparticles as a green pesticide on Fusarium solani and Venturia inaequalis phytopathogens. RSC Advances. Efficient management of fruit pests by pheromone nanogels. Sci Rep. Comparative toxicity of nanostructured alumina and a commercial inert dust for Sitophilus oryzae L.

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J Stored Product Res. Pathogen-like particles: biomimetic vaccine carriers engineered at the nanoscale. Perspectives for nano-biotechnology enabled protection and nutrition of plants. Biotechnol Adv. Haghighi M, Pourkhaloee A. Nanoparticles in agricultural soils: their risks and benefits for seed germination. Minerva Biotecnol. Naderi MR, Abedi A. Application of nanotechnology in agriculture and refinement of environmental pollutants. Moaveni P, Kheiri T. Research of the effect of nanometer materials on germination and growth enhancement of glycine max and its mechanism.

Soybean Science. Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council. Naderi MR. Danesh-Shahraki A. Nanofertilizers and their roles in sustainable agriculture. Int J Agri Crop Sci. Effects of ZnO nanoparticles in alfalfa, tomato, and cucumber at the germination stage: root development and X-ray absorption spectroscopy studies Pure Appl. Nanotechnology in fertilizers. Nat Nanotechnol.

Preparation and testing of cementing nano-subnano composites of slow or controlled release of fertilizers. Guo J. Synchrotron radiation, soft X-ray spectroscopy and nanomaterials. Int J Nanotecccessedhnol. A green slow-release fertilizer composition based on urea-modified hydroxyapatite nanoparticles encapsulated wood. Curr Sci. Manikandan A, Subramanian KS.

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Fabrication and characterisation of nanoporous zeolite based N fertilizer. Afr J Agric Res. Carbon nanotubes are able to penetrate plant seed coat and dramatically affect seed germination and plant growth.

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ACS Nano. Implications of nanobiosensors in agriculture. J Biomater Nanobiotchnol. El-Ramady HR. Integrated Nutrient Management and Postharvest of Crops. Sustainable Agri Rev. Emerging technologies for enhancing Indian agriculture-case of nanobiotechnology. Asian Biotechnology and Development Review. Nanofibers to be used in drug delivery, gene therapy, crop engineering and environmental monitoring [webpage on the Internet] Manchester, UK: AZoM. Ltd; Mesoporous silica nanoparticles deliver DNA and chemicals into plants. ETC Group. Kuzma J. Moving forward responsibly: oversight for the nanotechnology-biology interface.

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Maysinger D. Nanoparticles and cells: good companions and doomed partnerships. Org Biomol Chem.