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by Rob Addy

This ITIL-based capability streamlines the most essential part of IT service management best practices, assuring tickets can be created accurately, escalated as needed, and resolved promptly with full visibility throughout the process for end users and to manage SLA requirements.

Working on a fully integrated system makes it easier to automatically address issues, communicate between various ITIL tools, and fix many critical application faults directly within help desk tickets. WHD is built to complement other monitoring and management tools with its ability to sync data, like asset inventory information, between SolarWinds network management software , SolarWinds system management software , and third-party tools. With these integrations, Web Help Desk can import data from and export data to your other platforms to help create more informative tickets, empowering organizations to quickly handle problems across their network infrastructures.

Incidents can be linked to problems and change requests, as well as existing IT assets. The resulting knowledge or root-cause can be captured in a knowledge base. IT assets are tracked throughout their lifecycle, and any changes or incidents related to them are automatically recorded. Web Help Desk includes the ability to automatically and manually create searchable knowledge base FAQs. Once created, WHD is designed to display any relevant FAQs when end users enter their service requests to encourage troubleshooting their own issues.

This self-service database can help cut down on the number of inbound ticket requests, easing the burden on service desk teams by eliminating the need to re-answer common questions and fix common issues.

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Since ITIL service management requests and responses are continually tracked and saved within SolarWinds WHD, techs can easily submit ticket notes to build the knowledge base and, by configuring WHD tech permissions, can even update and correct approved FAQs as improved resolutions are found.

FAQs in the knowledge base can also be limited to specific audiences, such as having FAQs only visible for the internal help desk team or end users at a specific company, to support improving organizational ITIL knowledge management efficiencies. These best practices routinely evolve as digital needs change. ITIL service management helps organizations of any size all around the world maximize and optimize business value using information technology.

Service Management and going beyond IT - UP3

ITIL is based on a set of principles focused on value accumulation and constant improvement, which can take a variety of forms. Most importantly, ITIL best practices have evolved beyond delivering a service in the most efficient way possible. Now ITIL service management emphasizes end-to-end value delivery through customer service. A key component of customer service includes using an effective ticketing solution to handle customer requests and responses. The framework for ITIL 4 includes a four-dimensional model and service value system SVS , helping describe a balanced and holistic approach to service management to help organizations create value as well as achieve the most desirable outcomes for all involved.

Like the four Ps of service management People, Process, Product or technology, and Partners or suppliers in ITIL 3, ITIL 4 refines these to be four dimensions organizations must consider when delivering a balanced service management approach:. The ITIL 4 SVS describes the different components as well as underlying activities required to better enable the co-creation of value:.

ITIL service management covers and provides guidelines businesses can follow to optimize everything needed to manage a high-performing IT services department with a focus on service quality and creating value. ITIL service management is important to businesses because ITIL encompasses some of the most effective techniques for providing end users with optimal customer experiences. Customer service experience is the key differentiator between brands of businesses, and an effective ITIL service management strategy should aim to provide the most value to all stakeholders involved.

ITIL Service Management Lifecycle Tutorial - ITIL Service Strategy - ITIL Foundation Tutorial

In a crowded market, users can and will take their business elsewhere if they receive inadequate performance or slow responses to requests. This can lead to employees not having the best equipment or tools to perform their roles, which could affect overall business performance. Following ITIL service management guiding principles can help ensure all stakeholders who reach out to IT services get the resolutions they need in a timely fashion.

Adopting ITIL best practices can strengthen the alignment between IT services and the business, improve customer satisfaction, and support a more stable service environment in the face of constant change. ITIL service management can also reduce costs through better allocation of IT resources and increased IT service desk agent productivity. ITIL service management also reduces costs to the IT department through improved use of resources and greater visibility of existing IT costs and assets.

ITIL software equips an organization with everything it needs to follow and implement effective IT service management best practices in a scalable solution. Facebook Instagram Twitter. Sign In Register Help Cart.

Beyond 4 P’s – 5 P’s of Service Management?

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