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The delegation will spend a week in Israel meeting with top government, military, business, and labor leaders and will discuss plans for providing employment for the growing number of immigrants. Service Employees and Edmund A. Fraser, secretary- treasurer of Local Also Samuel Miller, financial secretary of Branch Hotel Em- ployees Union. The delegation will also include J.

In extending the invitation to Mr. Almogi wrote: "Since you have been such a de voted supporter of Israel's eco- nomic developments through tht Israel Bond program, we would like to have you come in Mav when M-DCC To Hold rhree Separate Commencements The three camnuses of Miami- lad- Community College will hold eparate commencement cere nonies on May 5 and 6. South Campus graduates will re- ceive their degrees at 8 p. Sal i urday in the Theodore R.

Peter Masiko. Ambrose Garner, campus vice ' president, will preside at the ceremony. Ray Goode. May fi. Sun lay in the Community College Stadium. This will be the 12th and largest graduating class for the college, which graduated its first class of in Complete Stock of Replacement Parts N.

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Touch a switch recl. Write for free color catalogue and information on a week's home trial with no obligation. It's Burke's "Try before you buy plan. The Soviet effort in Iraq has at- tracted far less attention than the much less adroit Soviet ef- fort in Egypt. But the effort in Iraq is vastly more Important, at least from the standpoint of Western interests and Soviet gains. NOR IS this the story, by any means. Simply for want of feas- ible competition, the Soviets now enjoy effective naval predomi- nance in the Indian Ocean, at the Persian Gulf's other end.

As yet.

It is a costly thing to do since the nearest naval base on Soviet territory is Vladivo- stok, halfway round the world. Vet what our Navy calls ship- days meaning number of days combat shins are at sea were increased by the Soviets bj a factor f eight in the Indian Ocean's western basin between and I! They also have fuel and water facilities in the Indian Ocean itself, on the island of Mauritius. In contrast, the United States has nothing at all in the Indian Ocean beyond a communications setup on the little island of Diego Garcia.

After Diego Garcia we have nothing else in range except another communi- cations facility on the northern shore of Australia. This year, for the first time, the Soviets have also passed the United States in ship-days of their navy at sea all over the world. In such a crunch, our only base in the whole area would be the tiny, politically in- secure facility we are not al- lowed to use on the island of Bahrain in the Gulf itself.

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But this could never sustain a U. The first job is to assure the United States of an adequate supply of Iranian oil and therefore non-Arab oil in case of political difficulties with the Arab oil producers. The second job is to give added toughness, direction and support to the Shah of Iran's effort to safe- guard freedom of navigation in the Persian Gulf.

But this amounts to renting out to the Iranians the life-and- death job of protecting the Amer- ican, Western European and Jap- anese oil jugulars. But of course all this must seem dull stuff. Nowadays Wash- ington is a bit like a house with a roof on fire and a cellar rap- idly flooding, whose inhabitants can talk only of the wicked sins of the cleaning woman. Pinesick was born and edu- cated in New York City. Navy, from which he ceived an honorable in Mr Pinesick worked as an at'. Govcfninon Washington, D.

Jack Kapner. Jules Props Doris Scheer, Col. Harold Shunt and Robert Wild. Board members carried ove: from last year include Lo , Chartor.

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  6. Virtual Nonlinear Multibody Systems: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute, Held in Prague, Czech Republic, 23 June-3 July 2002 (Nato Science Series II:).

Leah Friedson. Doro Greenberg, Nathan Goldy. Harry Green. Liebennan, Jack Magun. Antiques Restored or O Tormenting Rectal Itch Of Hemorrhoidal Tissued Promptly Relieved In many cases Preparation H gives prompt, temporary relief from such pain and itching and actually helps shrink welling of hemorrhoidil tis- sues caused by inflammation. In fact, many doctors, them- selves, UM Preparation H9 or recommend it for their fam- ilies. Preparation H ointment or suppositories.

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Another torchlight memorial rally at the ghetto fighters kib- butz was addresed by Israel's chief of staff. David Elazar. Elazar described Israel f as the bearer "of the flag of the generations that passed, of generations that perished, that was hoisted by the Warsaw ghetto fighters and by every fighting Jew Mrs. Meir warned that Israel must be prepared for a resump- tion of fighting along her bor- ders even though the Arabs must "know they will suffer heavily in a clash of arms Mrs.

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  • Melr spoke to reporters from the army radio station and the army magazine, "Bamacha- neh," earlier in the week. She said Israel had to be on the alert because there was no way to predict what the Arabs might do or how illogically they might act. She observed that President Anwar Sadat of Egypt is in po- litical trouble at home. The simplest thing for him Sadat is to go to war," she said, "even though it entails the sacrifice of countless human lives. Having made our evalua- tion, we must tell ourselves that it would be just as well for us to be prepared.

    Israeli observers reported the construc- tion of ramps between me- ters high leading down to the edge of the canal and increased movements of soldiers and ve- hicles at some depth in the canal zone. Reports said that Egyptian B ildiers were manning their po- sitions as usual, but there seem- ed to be a tightening discipline and less leisure time for the soldiers on the Egyptian side.

    Since the squad has been formed, sus- pects have been caught and stolen radios found. During this period, radios were reported stolen. New car radios selling for IL are being bought for II.

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    Three television programs devoted to Israel's 25th an- niversary will be aired Sun- day. From a. From p. The pro- gram will originate live in Israel. From 12 p. Leon Kronish, international chairman of the rabbinate cabinet for Israel Bonds. The banquet at the Fontaine bleau Hotel will feature Mr. Yoffe is fly- ing to Miami Beach from Israel. Yoffe, who played a key role in the defense of Israel in a bril- liant military career both before and since the establishment of Israel's independence, is now in ihe forefront of the efforts to defend his country's environment against the impact of various sources of pollution.

    While he views this as a step in the right direction, Gen. Yoffe would like to see the new agency transformed from an ad- visory service into one with "teeth to cope with Israel's needs.

    Proceedings of the Fifth Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics CLiC-it 2018

    At 16, while still a student at an agricultural school, he joined the Haganah. With the outbreak of World War II. At the close of World War II. Tel-Amal, but was soon engaged in helping to organize the future state's defenses. During the Sinai Campaign in , Gen.

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