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Understanding hauora in our schools

Schools promote wellbeing through their vision, values and strategic priorities, and through the deliberate design of their curriculum.

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At the same time schools are also responding to emerging wellbeing issues and concerns. Their evaluation and inquiry activities focus on the impact of specific strategies or initiatives being implemented for students needing additional support or in some cases access to specialist support.

Wellbeing Tools for Students

ERO's report Wellbeing for Children's Success at Primary School February points out that schools that promoted wellbeing in their culture, curriculum and approaches were more able to respond to a traumatic event than schools that hadn't promoted wellbeing. The promotion of mental health and wellbeing, and the prevention of mental ill-health, have been identified as priorities in national and state policies since the First National Mental Health Plan in But, to date, this has been poorly operationalised, coordinated and monitored.

While national documents have prioritised prevention and early intervention approaches, the majority of state and federal funding continues to be concentrated in downstream interventions targeted at treating mental illness once it has become severe. Prevention-focused approaches in mental health are more cost-effective than treatment approaches, not to mention the fact that the growing burden of mental ill-health cannot reasonably be stemmed by only treating one individual at a time. Investing in the promotion of mental health and wellbeing and the prevention of mental ill-health leads not only to a more efficient use of mental health resources, but it has a flow-on effect for a range of services including general health care, drug and alcohol services, education, child and family services and the justice system.

Everymind is a leading voice on the prevention of mental ill-health and the promotion of mental health and wellbeing. They are two of the core pillars of our work. Built links with the wider community.

Health promotion

Targetted specific problem areas such as transition between schools, behavioural problems and bullying. Developed student voice, student agency and student leadership through annually run student health leadership forums. Developed strategic wellbeing goals as part of the school charter.

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  6. Developed student-teacher managed HPS blogs focussing on wellbeing projects in their school. Download a discussion logic on mindset development for teachers. Some starter questions for a staff discussion on this topic: Does this logic make sense to your practice in the classroom?

    Workplace wellbeing - practical strategies for line managers

    What would you add to it? What would it look like if you were to change it? Is there anything missing — relating to your experience?

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