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Thanks to paraka for hosting! I didn't have time to record and finish my planned treats for ITPE, so here they are, belatedly? Thank you for all your hard work! Thanks also to storiesfortravellers for having blanket permission!

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Each of these things is vital to creating reality. The smallest details can illuminate volumes. It is surprising what details with bring forth entire feelings, associations, and images. Stereotypes can be broken, archetypes deviated from, and wonder spilled forth like gossip from an old friend. The WisCon Chronicles, Vol. What Would Sipowicz Do?

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We provide… Leverage. I got a creative urge the other day and wanted to make something new.

Leverage [s3e8] - The Boost Job

After talking with a friend, I decided to make the crew from the show Leverage. If you havent watched the show, please do. Hardison exchanged a look with Eliot.

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  7. His face lit up at one of the boxes Parker was holding. Parker shared a smile with Eliot. It was fully stocked with several sets of everything - and sized not for adults, but for children. Hardison shoved a pile of papers at Eliot. Eliot carefully slid the knife back into the block and flipped through the pamphlets Hardison had given him.

    If you had to sort TW characters into a Leverage-esque team, which role hitter, hacker, thief, grifter, mastermind do you think best suits each character and why?

    See a Problem?

    Hmm honestly I could see a few combinations here. Stiles as either the thief or hacker is possible - I can see him breaking into places or digging up information pretty successfully, although if I made him the thief, Danny would definitely get the position of hacker. Lydia would hands-down be the grifter, she has the elegance and skill with manipulating people to pull it off. I mean a few others could fit the role - Derek, Isaac, etc. Keep reading. Because we all know that Hardison has been calling Nate for the last half year. Several times a day.

    But hey, no, everyone needs a hobby. We all know that. And since Nate paid for all this, it is hardly surprising that we get all sharp contrasts and very little cosiness.

    And ooooh, I love how this already sets up how passionate about food he is. Because Leverage crams into one act what other shows will stretch out for an entire episode. That fast pace is so great. And a gurney fight. But how can it be that Eliot did not twirl that metal stand thing??? Especially in this case here, where he is also the expert on guns and war, how it is actually ELIOT making the decisions for the team, particularly when Nate is being short and impatient. Simple, clean, nicely done, and turning this into a quick and entertaining scene.

    Aw, Hardison.

    See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

    I love how tactile they are. Because yeah, we do Robin Hood shit now. And do responsible shit like buy electric cars the future.