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Detailed system requirements - Lotus Notes

Find answers to planning, setup, runtime issues Search our help center Search our help center Search our help center. Note: HealthCheck for Office is a free utility. KB DeploymentPro can be used to configure Outlook profiles. DeploymentPro cannot be purchased as a standalone service license, and it cannot be added to the single-use mailbox migration license. If you wish to remotely configure Outlook mail profiles using DeploymentPro after a migration, purchase the User Migration Bundle license.

Lotus Notes Sharepoint Migration

KB Test administrative access to the mailboxes. Synchronize users' personal address books on the Lotus Domino server. KB Notes: Lotus Notes contacts are stored locally on the users hard drive, in a local. In order to migrate them, each user must have synchronized their personal address book on the Lotus Domino server before the migration begins. We recommend that you send an email to all users with instructions on how to synchronize their personal address books.

Provide them the instructions that are in KB Set up the Lotus Notes Extractor.

Account Options

KB Set up accounts on Office and assign licenses. These can be created in several ways: Manually, one at a time. Microsoft instructions to add users individually By bulk import, via CSV file.

Requesting Assistance

Microsoft instructions to bulk add users By PowerShell script. KB Prepare the tenant to send and receive large mail items.

KB Create the Source and Destination endpoints. Click the Provide Credentials radio button, and enter the admin account credentials. Note: This should be a global admin account. If creating a separate admin account for the purpose of migration, refer to the Office section in KB Note: Create separate Source endpoints for each Extractor that you have set up.

These will be used, when setting up your MigrationWiz projects. You will be setting up one MigrationWiz project per Extractor. Purchase licenses.

CRM für IBM Notes

We recommend that you purchase the User Migration Bundle license for this migration scenario. I was completely happy and satisfied! Kudos to SysTools! Hi, Thank you for your reply, how do you approach SysTools for mail migration service? Can you give me some tips? Accounting Finances Financial Solutions Funding.

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