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They are wearing casual summer clothes. They feel happy and relaxed. I No, I haven't been abroad. I am writing to you from Paris. We 're actions staying at the Ritz Hotel. The weather here is cloudy but 4 had been working I past action of certain duration warm. Right now, we are at Disneyland. Mum and Dad with visible results in the past have been on the boatride. I have been on all the roller 5 had lost I complete past action with visible results coaster rides. It's so exciting!

We haven't been to the in the past Louvre Museum yet but we are going there on Tuesday.

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We 're looking forward to it. See you soon. S4: Then they ate lunch at one of the many 2 2 in 5 in 8 of restaurants along the Arbat. S6: Finally, after they had dinner at One Red Square 3 2 librarian 5 actor 8 teacher restaurant, they attended a ballet performance at 3 students 6 artist 9 tourist the Bolshoi Theatre.

B: They were seeing the Kremlin. B: They were visiting St Basil's Cathedral. B: They were eating lunch at one of the many 6 2 are on good terms 5 do me a favour restaurants along the Arbat. B: They were shopping at GUM shopping centre. A: What were Alex and his family doing at in the evening? B: They were having dinner at One Red Square restaurant. She used to stay in England. She didn't use to earn much money. She used to take the bus. A: Did she use to get up early?

B: No, she didn't. She didn 't use to get up early. Dan 3 d 5 c 7 f 9 b 11 k and Martin were having a lot of fun at the lake!

They had been skating for over an hour when, suddenly, the ice cracked. Martin lay down on the ice to help him. Dan grabbed it and Martin pulled 4 Will you be using asking politely about people's him out.

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Dan was shivering and shaking. Martin went to get arrangements some blankets and to call the emergency services. They took 5 will have finished action finished before a stated Dan to hospital. He was happy to be alive! We had been skating for over an hour when suddenly the ice cracked. I fell into the 5 2 by 4 by, until 6 until water.

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Martin lay down on the ice to help me. He threw his 3 until 5 by scarf to me. I grabbed it and he pulled me out. I was shivering and shaking. Martin went to get some blankets 6 2 arrives 6 comes 10 drives and to call the emergency services. They came and took me 3 'II have 7 reach 11 'II call to hospital.

I was happy to be alive! I will have finished school, got a good job and been married by the time I'm I'll have done my homework before I go to bed Dear Tony, tonight. How are you?

I'm really excited! Next weekend, I'm visiting a friend in Manchester. We 're taking the train to Manchester. B: will have moved using When we get there, we'll go shopping and we're hoping we 3 A: is flying 5 A: will have left will have seen at least one performance in the theatre by the.

B: does she leave B: starts time we leave. I can't wait to go. What are you dOing this weekend? London for two years. B: No, I'm going to stay in a hotel with my parents.

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How will you get there? What will you do there? Call me when you get back. You 'll have a fun time 4 2 A: I can't stop thinking about my trip to Italy! B: Lucky you. I would love to go there again. There are penguins there that you can swim with. What do you think? B: Sorry, I can 't. I must study for my Chemistry I'm sure you'll enjoy looking at the sea life. Gary taking out the rubbish. I go shopping twice a week. I'm tired of doing so much homework.

It's 5 arguing 12 to walk 19 shouting delicious! I 6 to tell 13 to invite 20 to hear B: I recommend going on a camel ride. It's lots of fun! Dear Gwen, 3 B: Yes, they seem to have gone to the zoo. I'm happy to hear that you're planning to visit Egypt this 4 B: Yes, she seems to be returning from work.

I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself! It's worth visiting the Egyptian Museum to see all the exhibits. Don't miss seeing the Sphfnx and the Pyramids, 9 2 A: to have been studying too. You 'll have the chance to learn a lot of interesting 3 B: to be finished things about ancient Egyptian civilisation.

It's delicious! I don't Finally, don't forget to visit the Khan-al-Khalili bazaar to feel well. I hope you find my suggestions helpful.

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Have a 6 2 How about 4 Let's 6 Shall wonderful time and I'll see you soon. English in Use 4 4 Can you put on your seatbelt, please? You shouldn't have wom my jacket without asking 7 Could you move the table a little, please? I have too much schoolwork to do.

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Finally, you mustn't yell, play loud 3 C 5 A 7 C 9 C music, run or push at the pool. Thank you for listening. Now, it's time to go and enjoy your 19 2 Can I swim! He just called me. B: You can use swimming goggles and soft balls. A: You mustn't run or push. Gather round children! Before I let you into the pool area, I would like to 6 Last night's pop concert was called off because explain the pool rules. First of all, you mustn't bring food or of rain.

Everyone must take a shower before using the pool. You can wear swimming goggles, 4 2 emphasis on the agent and soft balls are allowed in the pool but you mustn't bring Oliver Twist was written by Charles Dickens. All the old newspapers and tin cans will be 5 news repot collected.