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Let students use your iPad one by one to write and add notes to the board. You can start from scratch, or they can choose one of the 13 background templates. You can even brainstorm about how to put football players on the field!

How to Organize Your iPad and Save Precious Teaching Time - Creative Music Education

This web browser app is just heaven! It has everything you need on just one screen. Show students the time by adding it to the screen or add a timer to limit your students' working time. You can even add a traffic light and choose if the light is green, orange or red. That way, students know if they are too loud or if they have to keep quiet or not. Try to give your own meaning to the traffic light. Another great feature is the possibility of using working symbols. Choose the right symbol that suits your lesson situation: collaborating, discussing, whispering or silence.

Use the textpad to write text on your screen or the drawing pad to make a sketch.

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You can turn your whole screen in a drawing pad, or just a little corner. The best is yet to comeā€¦ QR codes! Add a QR code to the screen.

Must Have Teacher Apps!

Of course, your students would need a device at their disposal for this. Just add the website you want to link to, and he will generate another QR code. You can choose between 7 standard languages or add your own translation yourself. This web app is amazing for getting your classroom under control. Assign scores to your students in just a few minutes set up.

Students can get scores for answering correctly, handing in homework on time, being nice in class, etc. You choose. They can also lose points for being disrespectful, forgetting their textbook, and so on. You can also play games with it and make a competition out of your lesson. Beware not to punish your students to fast by withholding points. This might become an issue later on. When you want your students to be quiet, you can use the app Too Noisy.

Open it on you iPad and make sure your students can see it.

10 Terrific Ways to Use One iPad or iPhone in the Classroom

You might want to connect your screen to the projector or computer. Challenge your students to keep the needle of the noise meter out of the red part.

20 apps for the single-iPad classroom

This app might come in handy to keep students quiet during group work. Another way to use it is to help yourself from speaking too loud. If you have to raise your voice, this means that the class is too loud. Use this app when you want to set a time on your students' work or when you want to set a time to their thinking process. The apps shows you an alarm clock where time is ticking away.

This is a fun app you can use to kill a dead moment. Just open this app and show it to your students on the big screen. Talk about the fact with your students. Some facts are really funny and some others are very interesting and informative. If you do this the first 3 minutes of every lesson, students will go home with some extra knowledge.

They will even explain it to their parents and brag about it. Well, I would! On the other hand, you have students that are always raising their hand. You can even use it for other difficult decisions or for games. Change the words on the wheel into names, questions, calculation, terms or translations. Spin the wheel and let students solve the question or calculation.

If you are the funny teacher, you should really take a look at this app. So how can you use this in your classroom? Use it to encourage your students when they have to do a presentation.

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Choose the best sounds for in the classroom and add them to your favorites. If you trust your students, you can hand over the tablet and let them introduce other students with the sound buttons. This app gives you the idea. Use Brainstormer in art lessons, and language lessons to give students an idea to start from. The app gives them inspiration to start with.

Three ways to use iPads in the languages classroom

Let them write a story, using the Brainstormer app. The app can also help you to pick out a topic for the next writing assignment. Tap roulette is a very simple app that basically chooses someone by picking a finger. Students have to put their fingers on the screen. Tap roulette detects them and chooses one. Let students pick out a team leader this way or choose who has to give feedback to another student. There are a lot of decisions to make in a classroom, so this app will be used a lot!

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This web app helps you to make a rebus in seconds. Just insert your sentence and it will convert the sentence into a nice rebus. Use a rebus to spice up your lessons and make it more visual. I always loved to solve them as a kid. I still do! Make some nice word clouds with this Wordclouds app.

Use it in presentations to visually support text. Add a file with words or type the words at that moment. Choose between a lot of different sizes so your word cloud can fit any screen beautifully. The web app also helps you to put the words in a chosen shape or colour. If you have a dead moment in class or are an English language teacher, you should definitely try this app out. Project your screen and play this word game with your students. The purpose is to let your students fill in the blanks in a sentence that is given.

Mister Phil N. DeBlanks helps you to fill in the blanks. Got it?