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Has communism collapsed? What is socialism? Is this part of the "divine plan? Bishop Barron on St. Why Does Joseph Stalin Matter? Read more Recorded on January 25, Stalin stands out because not only was he able to build a massive amount of military power, he managed to stay in power for three decades, much longer than any comparable dictator. This led to the Great Purge, a campaign of political repression that resulted in the exile and execution of millions of people.

Check out Uncommon Knowledge on social media! In Reagan: The Life, H. Brands follows his subject from humble beginnings in small-town Illinois to fame on the silver screen and power in the Oval Office. Education H. If you'd like to bring a group to The Divine Plan release on November 6th, fill out the information below and select your preferred theater.

Javascript is not enabled in your browser. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. Few realized at the time how close both men came to dying. That reason? To defeat Communism. And no leaders proved more important than the pope and the president.

“The Divine Plan” of Ronald Reagan and JP II | The American Spectator

And their shared core convictions drove them to confront Communism. He and his family live in Pennsylvania. Robert Orlando is an award-winning writer and filmmaker. The founder of Nexus Media, he has been involved in the production, development, or release of more than a dozen film and documentary projects.

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Sony Pictures released his most recent documentary, Silence Patton. Orlando wrote and directed the companion documentary to be released in conjunction with The Divine Plan. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. The film, however, is entirely the doing of Robert Orlando.

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For the record, Rob conceived a really intriguing idea to look at Reagan and John Paul not only from a classic historical or political point of view, but from the compelling angle of the two of them as former actors who ascended the global world stage in the s and thereupon would change the course of history.

That was his idea, not mine. I played a small part in the film. Viewers will immediately agree. Spectator : How did you pick your panel of interviewees?

What were the criteria? Orlando: Not strict criteria but more like filling in a tapestry of types of commentators from a full spectrum of politics left to right or psychological or academic vs politician or media personality. Kengor: For me personally, the current timing is mainly the result of a long process of books and other research over many years.

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  • I believe that many people will find that aspect of this story not only fascinating to Reagan and John Paul II but deeply personal to each and every one of us. That was a wonderful move by Trump that has never received due recognition. For starters, do they possess a mutual understanding of what currently serves as the great international threat or global menace, or how to defeat it—as Reagan and John Paul II did in regard to Soviet communism?

    What would President Trump and Pope Francis list as the dominant threats today? Radical Islam? Trump might, but not in the way—or certainly not with the preferred response—that Francis would. Do their top priorities intersect anywhere?

    The Divine Plan: John Paul II, Ronald Reagan, and the Dramatic End of the Cold War

    Certainly not. Now, that said, when Trump and Francis met together at the Vatican in May , their meeting did surprise people, and disappointed those looking for fireworks. Trump haters in the media were hoping for a fight. Instead, the two men got along well. Most important, they issued a strong joint statement on protecting religious freedom, particularly in the Middle East. They found common ground.

    I was not surprised. I know people who know both Trump and Francis. They will tell you that both men are personable and easy to get along with. Orlando: Initially I see documentaries as experiments. What I found to be true is that so much of the dramatic narrative can be proven with historical facts. I will add one other thing. I think the fact that a film that featured Reagan could not make it on the CPAC venue is worth mentioning.